Occupational Therapy

In Occupational Therapy, the ‘occupation’ is an activity designed to provide therapy or development.

An Occupational Therapist will design activities to develop areas in which the individual is currently not meeting their potential.

Neurological occupational therapy focuses on areas of development within the nervous system.

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When can Occupational Therapy help?

Maybe you’ve been left with such small losses that you feel nothing can be done to help.

Fine movements are impaired – picking things up is a problem

Normal activities might cause a challenge – brushing teeth or making tea

Thought processing (either simple or complex) is a struggle – planning for work, or home, causes frustration or anger

Neurological rehabilitation can help following major trauma or minor lesion, brain damage or illness.

Whether you’ve just been diagnosed, or you’ve been struggling with recovery for years. Vicky can help at whatever stage of the journey you’re on.

Total Neuro Rehab can improve your function and your life.

So, what is Occupational Therapy?


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