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For cases of brain injury, stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, or trauma; assessments might be required for any of the following reasons.

To determine the appropriate course of therapy for a patient

To understand the impact of a condition within a workplace

To establish treatment needs under the rehabilitation code

Vicky will provide the right assessment for your needs – cognitive, vocational, home assessments, or assessment of the activities of daily living.

Whether your contact is a self-referral, or as a medical consultant, lawyer, case management company or independent practitioner, Vicky can help.


Following assessment, Vicky will provide an individual goal-focused program for rehabilitation.

These goals may include personal care, domestic care, or tasks aimed at work or leisure requirements. The focus of the therapy will be performing the activities, or occupations, with which the individual needs support. This work will take place wherever the help is needed – at home, workplace, or out in the community.

Working with people who have suffered brain injury, trauma, stroke or Multiple Sclerosis, Vicky knows that each person will have different areas in need of development; and different levels of support required.

 Rehabilitation often focuses on one, or many, of the following areas:

 Attention and Concentration Problems

Time Management

Planning and Organisation

Problem Solving

Fatigue Management

Anger and Frustration Management

Memory Difficulties

 Vocation – work and study

Activities of Daily Living



Whatever your role in the individual’s recovery, working with Total Neuro Rehab, you will get the information you need.


Tel: 07990 682142









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